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Combat - Armor revision

One of the typical house rules you can find on Internet is halving the SP of armors so weapons don't become so meaningless that only heavy weapons end being useful.

Even the HNS (High Noon Shootout) from the "Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads" it's a take on armor nerfing so even the smaller arms have a chance.

So here goes my take on it ... which isn't much more different.

Basically, what I do is simply taking 2/3 of the standard SP from the Cyberpunk 2020 core rules. So any time you want to use an armor that comes out of a chrome book or other supplement, you just take 2/3 of its value and you are good to go.

Here is the basic list of armors:

Cloth,Leather SoftArms, Torso, Possibly legs 0-0Varies
Heavy leather HardArms, Torso, Possibly legs 3-050
Reinforced cap or beanie SoftHead 5-025
Reinforced ski mask SoftHead 5-020
Kevlar T-Shirt/ Vest SoftTorso 7-040
Reinforced Hoodie SoftHead, Torso 7-050
Steel helmet HardHead 9-020
Light Armor jacket SoftArms, Torso 9-090
Light Armor pants SoftLegs 9-040
Med Armor jacket SoftArms, Torso 12-1125
Flack vest HardTorso 13-1100
Flack pants HardLegs 13-175
Nylon helmet HardHead 13-0100
Heavy Armor jacket SoftArms, Torso 13-2150
Door Gunner's vest HardTorso 17-3120
MetalGear HardWhole Body 17-2900
Style: Generic x1, Leisurewear or Urban flash x2, Businesswear or Edgerunner x3, High Fasion x4

Torso: 1 layer light clothing, 1 layer heavy clothing
Legs: 1 layer medium clothing, heavy clothing

Penalties for extra layers (3 layers max):
Extra Torso layer-
Light: -1EV
Medium: -3EV
Heavy: -4EV

Extra Leg layer-
Light: -1EV
Medium: -2EV
Heavy: -3EV

Subdermal armor and Bodyplating cyberware options are considered to be armor layers. Skinweave is considered a layer, but receives no penalty.

Proportional armor:
Difference in SPs : Bonus Number
0-6 : +3
7-14 : +2
15-26 : +1
27+ : +0

Helmets reduce sight Awareness checks by -1 and hearing Awareness checks by -3- They are also hot and fatiguing; it's inadvisable to wear other head covering under it (such as bandannas or ski masks) for any length of time. If you do, expect Awareness penalties to be doubled.

Hard armor:
Hard armor can't be made stylish or unnoticeable. It's also bulky, uncomfortable (even without EV) and hot. After a few hours you will begin to make endurance checks or suffer penalties to your skill rolls.