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Combat - Revised hit locations

On the original rules I always though there were more possibilities to shoot a leg than a torso (40% vs 30%) which seemed quite strange as most people try to shoot at the torso area. Even more strange on short range shootouts.

So I distributed the areas a bit, making the torso a more prominent shooting area and making vests more useful.

Here is the new hit location chart:

  • 1.- Head
  • 2.- Right arm
  • 3.- Left arm
  • 4.- Right leg
  • 5.- Left leg
  • 6.- Torso : Right shoulder
  • 7.- Torso : Left shoulder
  • 8.- Torso : Chest/Back
  • 9.- Torso : Abdomen/Lower back
  • 0.- Torso : Hip

Limb loss: If you receive more than 8 points of damage in a limb area in a single attack, that limb is disabled, if you receive more than 12 points of damage it is severed or crushed beyond recognition.

In any case, characters then have to make a Death save at Mortal 0.

Impacts of this type on the head will kill automatically.

Aimed shot: When you make an aimed shot to a body location (ej.: head shot) you take a -4 penalty to your attack roll and also a -5 penalty to your initiative roll for that round.