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Cyberdecks revised prices

Here is a revised list for Cyberdeck terminals, the objective is to offer a bit more cohesive price for terminals.

I will suppose you have a basic familiarity with a cyberdeck and its properties (speed, data walls, memory units, etc).

Almost all cyberdecks come with a wireless connection for those who use a wireless plugs or equivalent. They can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots and surf the net without cellular connection.

Portable cyberdeck (or Notedecks) can run on batteries for a duration of 4 to 8 hours.

All terminals have a base speed of +0, data walls +2 and 10 memory units, with a weight of 1lb and six input ports (for chips or cables).

Price list
Desktop cyberdeck1000ed
Portable cyberdeck2000ed
Cyberlimb cyberdeck3000ed
Combat armor (SP20)+500 to +1000ed
Sealed Combat+1000ed
Cellular capability (SIM card)+2000ed
Additional 4MU (Max 20MU)+1000ed
+1 to Speed (Max +5)+2000ed
+1 to Data Walls (Max +10)+1000ed
'Trode sets (-2 initiative, -2 interface)10ed
Keyboard (-4 initiative, -4 interface)20ed
Videoboard300ed x m2
Chip reader/recorder100ed
Additional chips (1 MU)10ed x Un
Sound system300ed
Used terminal-200 to -500ed
Old terminal (-2 speed)-100 to -400ed