Welcome to my personal page, a place dedicated to my house rules and addons for the PnP RPG called Cyberpunk 2020. An awesome game I still haven't found a true replacement after all those years. Other games have stuff I don't like (be it elves or psionic powers) or don't have enough stuff I like (like weapons, implants, robotics).

Because I hate when a game handles me a "light handgun" weapon and call it a day.

You can find the ruleset PDF here.

Thing is, the ruleset aged a bit ... (it's from the 90s) some parts gracefully, others not so much. As every other Cyberpunk player out there, I have my collection of house rules and this is the place I use as reference to them.

This is unlikely to be a proper website, but it's for personal use so ... what matters? :P

Rules - Basic rules revision  - 2018/07/11
How the game, in its most basic level, works.
Rules - Character creation revision  - 2018/07/12
How to create a character, classes and stuff.
Rules - Skills revision - 2014/06/15
A Revised skill list. Special skills are gone and some skills are grouped.
Combat - Revised hit locations - 2014/07/08
A Revised location chart keeping it simple but more distributed.
Combat - Armor revision - 2014/07/09
Revising the armor ratings so weapons are a bit more deadly.
Netrunning - Cyberdecks revised prices - 2014/06/15
A revised list of cyberdeck base prices so options are lightly more stackable.
Netrunning - Trace revision - 2014/06/15
New rules to hide your trace on the net.
Netrunning - Small revision - 2015/04/02
Revising netrunning rules to unify and simplify them.
Netrunning - Anatomy of a datafortress - 2015/04/03
How datafortress are created and organized. Also how multi-shard servers work.
Netrunning - Security and Trace values list - 2013/12/17
A list with all the Security and Trace values, useful to lose the Dog series sniffing your trace.

Useful links?
Reference compilation v5 - 2021/11/09
A nice compilation of Cyberpunk official rules.
Edit: Updated link so it doesn't ask for permisons.
Sector 034 - My Cyberpunk 2020 blog
The place where I brainstorm, throw half-assed ideas and write things for fun.
Character Sheet - 2021/11/09
Simple character sheet.
Edit: Updated link so it doesn't ask for permisons.
Datafortress 2020 site
Primordial site with Cyberpunk 2020 stuff. Run by Wisdom000 for eons.
Datafortress archives - 2021/11/19
Datafortress site tends to go down quite a lot, so here are some backup files.
Edit: Updated link so it doesn't ask for permisons.

Maybe someday I will be able to finish this ...